People will try to sell you a magic pill or miracle shot that will help you lose weight without effort, but do you really know how safe these fads are?
Many current fads involve injections and have no long term studies to show the effects nor any independent labs testing for its safety.  Are you that desperate that to lose a few pounds that you would risk cutting your life or your quality of life short?
There are much better alternatives out there that have been tested and studied.  Wouldn't it be better to look healthy and actually BE healthy?
No one gets fat off of one meal and no one gets lean off of one workout.  Consistency and effort are the keys to successful long term weight loss.  If willpower is your weakness, I would suggest starting slowly.  Commit to one workout a week and one healthy meal (lean protein and veggies!).  That's not too tough.  Do this until you are ready to add another workout and meal.  You will feel the difference! You will be surprised at how easy it gets to go another step, especially when you notice you feel much better on healthy days!  You won't miss that lethargic, bloated afternoon feeling and you will become addicted to the energy, focus, and well being of your healthy days!
Of course, if you can do more to start, your results will come quicker, but if you have had a problem with sticking with it, this ease into it approach has worked wonders for thousands of people who desire a healthier, higher quality life.
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