You can hope for change or you can make a change.  When it comes to exercise and nutrition, the same old thing will get you the same old results.  Neither of these two are temporary if you want permanent results.  So how do you finally get going and stay consistent? 
The answer is slowly.  We have an instant gratification society, but fitness is not instant.  It takes consistent effort of more good than bad.  Sure it is ok to splurge every once in a while, even bodybuilders do it, but it should be limited to once a week.  Your metabolism benefits from exercise and giving it core nutrition is equally if not more important.
How do you do it slowly?  Let's say you drink 3 sodas a day (diet counts too).  Replace just one a day with a glass of water this week, then replace another next week.  See, in 3 weeks you can kick your soda habit!  How about one healthy meal a week or even a day?  Slowly add more until you are eating healthy almost all the time.
I guarantee you will love the results!

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