North Fulton's Premier 24/7 Fitness Club!

Maybe you don't know anything about fitness.  Maybe you are afraid to go into a health club because you think people will stare or you will feel uncomfortable.  Fear no more!  American Bodyworks in beautiful Sweet Apple Village is here to help you.  We believe that a gym is not a hotel for bodybuilders, but a hospital for those in need of better health and a better life.
Here's where we should talk about how great our staff is or how friendly we are... and we deliver on that like you wouldn't believe, but seeing is believing, and we will prove it to you.  Every single member gets an orientation, and that is standard in the industry.  So what's in it for you?   We will create an individualized workout program just for you (no additional cost)!  Tell us your goals and we will create a program that helps you reach them.  We also have fantastic personal training available with nutritional advice, advanced results, and even in home family training!
We have all the fitness you need... from our cardio deck with individual tv monitors, over 60 channels to choose from, our pin select machines, free weights, personal training, Zumba class,  infrared sauna, nutritional advice, and safe effective supplements... we will help you reach your goals!
American Bodyworks Sweet Apple Village in Roswell, GA is proud to be the Official Gym of the Atlanta Silverbacks!
Our owner, Jeff, lost 105 lbs in his mid-30's and is passionate about helping others to get that same feeling of pride and accomplishment.  Now we can jump start your metabolism and show you how to lose @ 10 lbs and 11" of body fat in only 24 days. 
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Looking better is feeling better!  American Bodyworks is Keeping America Beautiful One Body at a Time!